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Thank you for visiting my web site. I am Vahan Babushkin, a researcher in the  Applied Interactive Multimedia Laboratory. Currently I am doing my PhD in Electrical Engineering at  New York University Tandon School of Engineering. I am passionate about Machine Learning and interested in designing automated methods for pattern discovery  in  data, coming from various domains of Engineering and Computational Science.  My research interests are in studying the Communication of Human Sensorimotor Skill using Machine Learning. 

My technical expertise comprises cross-platform proficiency (Windows, MacOS, Linux), fluency in five programming languages (Python, Matlab, Java, C/C++ and R) and good knowledge of developer applications, toolboxes, methodologies and best practices. I am also well familiar with popular Data Analysis tools and ML/Computer Vision libraries (Weka, Pandas, SciPy, OpenCV).  

Among my other activities teaching is the one I have a great passion for. Particularly, I am interested in experimenting with modern pedagogical approaches, like Prof. John Biggs' theory of Constructive Alignment. Due to its simplicity and clarity, I found Prof. Biggs' approach immensely useful while planing review sessions for courses I was honoured to TA at Masdar Institute. My hobbies vary from physical activities like gym workout, swimming and hiking to reading, arts, music and movies. Also, I am very concerned about environmental problems and trying my best to live an eco-friendly, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

With REEM humanoid robot at the 1-st Joint UAE Symposium on Social Robotics, Al Ain, 2015

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